Sunday, 22 February 2015


Apple’s iWatch is two years late, overpriced and probably pointless, but according to  BusinessInsider it is because we have not noticed the lights .

In a classic, “never mind the quality look at the width” argument  Lisa Eadicicco tells us that one of the most interesting features of the watch has been overlooked – for shame.
Apparently we have totally failed to notice that it does not turn itself on, in the same way as the iPhone – stop the presses!

“The screen for the watch uses deeper blacks than that of the iPhone. Ive thinks that an entire display, especially for something as small as a watch, shouldn't have to light up. Rather, the screen should only highlight the specific thing you're looking at.”

Both articles quote Apple's "style over substance" merchant Jonny "be good" Ives as saying Apple is trying by thinking about screens differently on watches versus phones.

So this esoteric bollocks about light is all you have got?  Since when did the tiny and insignificant aspects of another company’s products occupy your time and need a story like this?  Is it because most of the sensible press is reporting that the iWatch is pointless and might not work has dumped
all its sexy functionality can be made by the Chinese for $30 and  Apples smarter customers are bored with it already.

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