Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Fortune  which is supposed to be telling you important business news, took time to make sure that its readers saw Apple's product placement on the Modern Family television show.
It is bad enough that tech companies think that we we will be impressed by product placement, it is taking the Nintendo when mainstream magazines and newspapers have to point it out to us in case we miss it.
"Tonight’s episode of Modern Family takes place on the screen of an Apple computer — Claire Dunphy’s MacBook — and was shot almost entirely on iPhones and iPads," Fortune hawked.
To make it even worse, the Co-creator Steve Levitan of the show seems to think that sneaking in free adverts for his favourite technology is good for the show.
 Levitan says he has snuck in some iPhone shots that nobody noticed.
“We just happened to have one with us when we were doing something,” he says, “and we were like ‘that works.'”
"Nor is it the first time Apple products have played a starring role in a Modern Family episode. The company loaned Levitan a pre-release iPad for Game Changer (Season 1, Episode 19) in which Phil Dunphy goes to extraordinary lengths to get an iPad on the first day of sales."
So if you don't want to watch free Apple adverts while you are watching a sitcom probably better to avoid Modern Family.  And if you want to read  real news from a magazine which does not think helping Apple advertise its advertisements is news, it is best to avoid Fortune magazine.

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