Sunday, 22 February 2015


We only know that Apple is working on a car idea because of a court case where it stands accused of stealing technology by poaching staff, however that has not stopped the New York Post starting some hype about this non-existent product early.

It claimed that Detroit had in just a week gone from “hip to has-been” now that Apple is rumoured to be releasing a car in five years time.
“With reports last week that Apple hopes to bring a car to market in five years, every motorist who remembers the pre-iPhone era of smartphones must be feeling like their new car will go the way of BlackBerry, Nokia or Palm Pilot.”
The story glosses over Apple’s potentially illegal anti-trust antics by writing it off as the enthusiasm that Tim Cook has to get the project to market.   It then goes on to speculate that the product will be made out of “Moldable Metal — “Nanophosphate metal” — which can be shaped like plastic.” Detroit still welds, the Post points out.

However, Detroit still welds because it is doing something that Apple can’t do – it is making cars. Apple can’t, in fact no one has any proof that Jobs’ Mob is making a car at all – or when it will be in the shops, or affordable.

But that does not stop the New York Post trying to drum up enthusiasm for a non-existent bit of Vapourware and even invent technology it might use.   But still it stops you thinking about the real story where Apple threatens to close down a smaller business by stealing its technology and employees.

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